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moeber is the booking engine for a domestic Building Energy Rating (BER). A BER is required when selling or renting a property and moeber is quite simply the easiest and most convenient way to book a BER. As a customer you look at the icon that best matches the house type you need a BER for and you will see the price including VAT and all other charges. The next step is to pick your preferred time and date (minimum is 12 hours but is naturally dependant on availability) and we will organise one of our SEAI Registered Assessors to make contact with you to finalise the details of the appointment. After completing the booking you will only need to arrange access and the Assessor will need the MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number) from your electricity suppliers bill (don’t worry if you do not have it as our experienced Assessors will be able to contact the supplier and get the number for you; it just adds some time to the process). After the survey and once all of the calculations are complete the SEAI Registered Assessor will send you the BER & Advisory Report – both of which you will need for a sale or rental.

These can be Emailed or posted to you.

1. Log onto moeber.ie

2. Pick the icon relevant to the size and type of property you want a BER for

3. Pick the date and time most convenient for you

4. Enter the property details to be Assessed

5. Complete Payment and wait for conformation Email and contact from the Assessor