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A BER is a standard calculation of the energy performance of a building, produced by a qualified Assessor using appropriate computer software approved by the SEAI.

However, a detailed building survey is first required by an SEAI registered BER Assessor in order to ascertain the energy efficiency of the building envelope construction, as well as the building services installed.

A BER certificate is very similar to the energy label found on new kitchen appliances, and it has a varying scale from A-to-G. A-rated buildings being the most energy efficient, and G-rated buildings being the least energy efficient. only works with Registered Assessors of the Sustainable Authority of Ireland (‘SEAI’ -they are the issuing body in Ireland for BERs).

This means that they are industry professionals and have passed a series of training, examinations & registration, ongoing examination and auditing overseen by SEAI and who in order to be registered carry there own insurances etc.

In order to advertise a domestic property for sale or rental it is a legal requirement that you have a BER in advance of offering the property for sale.

Where the property is being sold the purchasers solicitor will look for it as part of the closing documentation and by getting one organised it will save time and prevent the process from being slowed down.

Where renting the prospective tenant is entitled to know what the rating of the property is and if you are wishing to rent to any government body it will be insisted upon up front.

No – there is no pass or fail with a BER. The survey and subsequent calculation derives a value to bench mark the property against similar properties of the same age, size and construction which assists the prospective tenant/buyer to make a decision along with all of there other search criteria.
Yes – along with the BER Certificate the Assessor will provide you with an Advisory Report which will make suggestions were you can upgrade the efficiency which can often be done with incentive Grants from SEAI. The Assessor can advise you of the most cost effective upgrades to maximise the potential change in BER grade.
The survey depends on the size and complexity of the property to be assessed and the Assessor will discuss with you in advance any information that they might need to help them work as efficiently as possible.
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i. national monuments

ii. protected structures;

iii. places of worship or buildings used for the religious activities of any religion;

iv. certain temporary buildings;

v. stand alone buildings with a small useful floor area (less than 50m2)